As a proud and passionate advocate of CANDU® technology, Laker Energy Products has grown from a materials organization into a fully integrated precision manufacturer of nuclear components for domestic and international clients.


Commercial Grade Dedication (CGD) is an acceptance process, performed in accordance with NQA-1, 10CFR50 Appendix B and CSA N299.1, to provide reasonable assurance that a commercial-grade item or service will perform its intended safety function. In this respect, it is deemed equivalent to an item or service designed and manufactured or provided under the requirements of the standards/codes identified herein. This assurance is achieved by identifying critical characteristics of the items and verifying their acceptability by inspections, tests, or analysis performed by Laker Energy, supplemented, as necessary, by one of the following: commercial grade surveys, product inspections or witness at hold-points at the manufacturer’s facility, and analysis of historical records for acceptable performance.


Laker Energy Products Ltd. is a TSSA CSA N285.0 certified material organization and manufacturer of nuclear pressure retaining components. Our manufacturing engineers and skilled trades staff specialize in the manufacture of complex components under extremely tight design parameters. Laker maintains a lead position with its clients by using leading edge equipment and continually improving our processes to deliver reliable and precise components on time.

Product exploded view



Fuel Channel
End Fittings
Channel Closures
Shield Plugs
Journal Rings and Sleeves
Positioning Assemblies
Calandria Tube Inserts
Seal Insert
Fuel Handling
Snout Plugs
"B" and "C" Rams
Snout Centre Support
Clamping Barrel and Screw & Gear
Fuelling Machine Cable Harnesses (Kanata)
B Ram Ballscrew (Meggitt)
Latch Ram Ballscrew (Meggitt)
Ram Tubes (SKF)
Ball Bearing Spline Assembly (Meggitt)
Clevite Seals (EATON)
Ball Screw Seal Assembly - Sleeve
Feeder Pipe
Feeder Connection and Fastening Hardware
Pressure Breakdown Orifices
Flow Element Orifices and Venturis
Two-Piece Tap Adaptors
Instrumentation Tubing
Thermowell Nozzles
Safety Mechanisms
Shutoff Drive Mechanisms
Adjuster Drive Mechanisms
Rod Ready Indicator
Channel Isolation Plugs
Nuclear Grade Material (NB, NC, ND, NF)
Pipe, Tube, and Fittings
Supports - Angle, Channel, Spring Hangers, U-Bolts, Pipe Clamps
Plate, Bar and Shapes
Tube Trays